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South of the Border Restaurant

Full Service Bar • Open Late • Seven Days a Week

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Your Host, Antonio Diaz

Meet Your Host, Antonio Diaz

South of the Border Restaurant in Rogers Park is the fruition of a great idea. Antonio Diaz wanted to celebrate best of South of the Border cuisine, whether the border is the Rio Grand, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Mason Dixon. Use the freshest ingredients, make everything to your liking, and serve it with a smile.

Come in and try the Arrepos–to die for. Or the Cuban sandwich, always freshly made. Or our signature Jibarito, or our Texas Burger–cooked the way you like it.

Finally, Antonio brought to Rogers Park the one thing missing from most menus. For what is a Latin restaurant without Mojito’s, Pina Coladas, and of course, Margaritas? We think our cocktails are are the best in all of Chicago. 

South of the Border is a place for friends and family and amazing food.


  • 5 star review  So fresh. So so fresh. And the margaritas are stellar ♡

    thumb Sarah Ortlieb

    5 star review  The service was great, and our Arepas/Enchiladas were awesome. Can't wait to come back!

    thumb Ali Aguilar
  • 5 star review  Amazing food! Some of the best tacos I've had!

    thumb Joseph Hoffmann

    5 star review  Great food and margaritas! Service is good too.

    thumb Tim Dhom
  • 5 star review  The food here is amazing. One of the best Cuban Sandwiches I've had. Great Chicken Enchiladas. Try the tostones (crisp plantains), they are delicious.

    thumb Anthony Mesok

    Antonio is wonderful and the food is great! Tostones and enchiladas are my favs but the grilled cheese and tomato soup aren’t bad either 🙂 Thursday are $6 margaritas 😀

    thumb Maria Hadden
  • 5 star review  Good food. Good service. It's nice to have a variety of Latin American dishes. We have many excellent Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. This adds both Cuban and Puerto Rican Specialties to the mix.

    thumb Mark Ballard

    5 star review  Great addition to the neighborhood. The tostones, tilapia and jibarito all were delicious, and the service was great!

    thumb Jenni Spinner

  •   We love this place! Great food, services and prices 🙂 it's a gem on Morse Ave. Thanks!

    thumb Jesse S.

      Living in the neighborhood I am always looking for new places to dine. This has been open for a while and finally decided to give it a try one evening on the way home from work. I ordered to go and got the chicken enchiladas, black beans, rice, and tostones. I ordered at the bar and while waiting ordered a margarita. First of all the bartender was friendly and offered great service. The margarita was excellent and I am picky about them. I got home and dived in to my dinner. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious everything was. The beans were great and the enchiladas were fabulous. This was last week and I am making plans to take some friends there for a sit down dinner. They have made a new friend! Give them a try, it is worth it and for most people I don't think you will be disappointed.

    thumb Mike S.
  •   This place is delicious!!! The enchiladas are soooooo good, best I've had so far in Rogers Park. Guacamole is delicious and the amount is generous. I'm full before the food comes, but i have to keep eating because it's so amazing! The staff is really friendly too. I definitely plan to keep coming back!

    thumb Kali C.

      South of the Border is a great addition to the neighborhood. Antonio is a wonderful host and creates a great atmosphere for neighbors to hang out and enjoy live music and good drinks and food. I like the enchiladas and the jibaritos. Do not go there if you are in a hurry--staff is small since they are fairly new--but everything you get will be FRESH including the fresh pico!  I really enjoy the fresh squeezed fruits in the margaritas.  I especially like to take advantage of the drink specials (mojitos, pina coladas, margaritas) in the summer time with friends.

    thumb Dorcas A.
  •   I REALLY wanted to like this place and support the community but...Nope. Other than the complimentary chips and salsa/pico, sad to report, not much else would make me go back. I'm hoping it was just an "off" night because it does have potential.

    thumb GreenGlass ..

      Friendly staff, yummy margaritas, and decent Bru menu. Have some chilaquiles, basic eggs, or a jibarito! Wonderful addition to the Rogers Park neighborhood. It's low key and you can use your Touch Tunes app to play some tunes.

    thumb Viki P.
  •   My lovely friend wanted to take me to South Of The Border, as she has enjoyed dining there several times. This pan-Latin restaurant is just a bit west of the Morse Red Line stop.  Perhaps it is still relatively unknown after being open for a few months, but it is apparently never too crowded. There are many cozy booths for diners, as well as a bar area. We sat in "Booth Number One" by the window.  

    Our kind and attentive server brought us some chips to start it off. He constantly filled our water glasses, and noted that we would get free dessert since we ordered two entrees, a limited time special leading up to Valentines Day. My date ordered a chicken jibarito sandwich, which comes with a side of fries. The bite of jibarito I tried was yummy. I ordered the picadillo Cubano, which comes across as a plate of Cuban comfort food. The pile of ground beef and assorted ingredients is akin to what you might find in shepherds pie, and fortunately that is a dish that I enjoy. Besides the ground beef with potato, carrot, peppers, and olives, the dish comes with black beans, white rice, and a couple of delicious tostones. These guys obviously know what they are doing with the fried plantains. Our server seemed amazed and amused that I poured the beans over the rice for maximum effect. For dessert we chose the bunuelos, a generous plate of fried doughnut fritters lightly sprinkled with sugar and accompanied with a cup of raspberry sauce. These treats were served warm, capping off a casual but tasty meal at South Of The Border.

    thumb Bill M.

      I'm in the neighborhood and have eaten here a few times. The menu is an interesting mix of Mexican, Caribbean, and South American dishes, but without an obvious focus. While it's a bit hard to tell what they're trying to do, everything they've served me has been good. Check it out.

    I like the arepas. Also, it seems like a family business, and they're all really nice.

    thumb Nick V.
  •   Best tostones I've had in a long time! Their cheese burger is really good as well. Great service, casual atmosphere.

    thumb Carlos V.

      We did lunch here. The chorizo skillet was delish. Someone else had the breakfast Cuban and raved about it.  The guacamole was good though needed a little salt. Like that they gave us tostones and chips.  A gringo with us had a burger and fries and really liked it. So, great all the way around.

    thumb Christina M.

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